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In 2014 the UK Government released the UK Cyber Essentials scheme as part of the broader National Cyber Security Strategy to safeguard UK businesses from Internet borne dangers. The Cyber Essentials scheme provides UK based organisations the opportunity to become certified and demonstrate that they have the right tools, processes and knowledge in place to protect themselves and their clients’ data from the most common cyber attacks. The scheme provides UK businesses with an opportunity to build trust between customers, clients and service providers at a time when news of new hacks is becoming ever more frequent.`

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Do you have defined, implemented and established processes for managing your Cyber Essentials?

Firewalls, Network Management, Intrusion Detection, Data Loss Prevention.

Patch Management, Change Management.

The Cyber Essentials program defines the topics, but it’s up to each organisation to get the details right. Have you implemented the following items sufficiently?

System Configuration, Use of Encryption, Workstation Configuration, Server Hardening.

Malware Protection, Anti-Virus Management.

Identity and Access Management, Physical Security, Password Management, Information Classification.

Alyne provides you with effective and actionable assistance and a powerful assessment capability.

Alyne provides a comprehensive and easy to understand set of controls to define cyber security essentials for your organisation.

Alyne allows you to assess the maturity of parts of your organisation or external partners such as vendors if they meet cyber essentials maturity.

Our next generation platform provides you with a tailored set of practices to prepare your organisation for the Cyber Security Essentials certification:

Alyne provides you with a next generation software as a service platform to engrain security and risk awareness in the culture of your team.


"Lots of advice available for smaller organisations is either too high level or too confusing for people who aren’t cyber security experts. Alyne makes cyber security accessible and useful for smaller organisations seeking to secure their digital assets.

"Cyber Security shouldn’t cost organisations a huge amount of money. Cyber security should be a basic capability that modern organisations have in order to provide their customers with appropriate security. We reflect this belief with our low entry price."

Stefan Sulistyo Chief Customer Officer.

Matthias Danner Chief Financial Officer.

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